Non-posed Wedding Photos

Because let's be honest, you don't really want to spend all of your wedding day posing for your photographer, do you?

Here's a selection of images that show what I'm all about: relaxed, non-posed, documentary-style wedding photography. You'll notice that there's no staged photos - they're all natural, candid, genuine in-the-moment photographs. Nothing contrived, forced or set up.

If you think my style compliments the plans for your wedding day then I'd love for you to get in touch and we can chat all about your wedding plans!


Note - this page is soon to be updated to include 2021 weddings

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0001 TO 0006 0008 0009 001 AJ 001 CJ 001 LM 001 OI 001 TO 001 0011 002 AJ 002 BD 002 CJ 002 COLOURFUL CONFETTI SHOT BRIDE AND GROOM WEDDING RECEPTION TRAMSHED CARDIFF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY 002 LM 002 OI 002 TO 002 003 AJ 003 BD 003 BEAUTFUL BRIDAL PARTY PORTRAIT DURING BRIDE PREP 64 CATHEDRAL ROAD CARDIFF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER 003 CJ 003 LM 003 OI 004 AJ 004 CANDID PORTRAIT OF BRIDE AND GROOM WALKING IN BEAUTIFUL DRESS USK CASTLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY 004 CJ 004 LM 004 005 AJ 005 BD 005 CJ 005 LM 005 OI 005 ROMANTIC FIRST KISS AS HUSBAND AND WIFE SUMMER BARN CEREMONY AT USK CASTLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY 005 TO 006 AJ 006 BD 006 CJ 006 LM 007 AJ 007 BD 007 LM 007 TO 007B 008 AJ 008 BD 008 LM 008 TO 009 AJ 009 BD 009 CJ 009 LM 009 TO 01 ES 01 SM 01 010 AJ 010 BD 010 CJ 010 JA 010 LM 010 TO 011 AJ 011 BD 011 CJ 011 LM 011 TO 012 AJ 012 CJ 012 LM 012 TO 01B 02 ES 02 SM 02 03 ES 03 SM 03A 04 SM 04B 04C 05 SM 05 06 ES 06 SM 07 ES 07 SM 08 ES 08 SM 09 ES 09 SM 1 XPR15545 10 ES 10 SM 10 1001 BD 1001 BLACK AND WHITE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPH OF JUST MARRIED COUPLE BARN CEREMONY USK CASTLE WEDDING 1004 OI 104 11 ES 11 SM 12 ES 12 SM 12 XPR24775 13 XPR24910 13 XPR25944 14 XPR25953 HEADER T1XX1565 T1XX3728 T1XX4431 T1XX5987 X10F4094 9 XPR14071 XPR14441 XPR14762 XPR15539 XPR15692 XPR15927 XPR17318 XPR23190 XPR23312 XPR23351 XPR23761 XPR24078 XPR25273 XPR25623 XPR26065 XPR26196 XPR26206 XPR26259 XPR26262 XPR26352 XPR26445 XPR27181 XPR27196 XPR27280 XPR27644 XPR27726 XPRO1008 XPRO1023 XPRO1846 XPRO2224

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I specialise in Documentary Wedding Photographer South Wales, based in Pencoed near Bridgend, Cardiff and Swansea. Reportage-style natural wedding photography. 35mm film Wedding Photography in the UK.